Friday, November 25, 2011

Isles Shut Out Again

Afternoon games are never kind to the Isles. 1-0 Devils.

shut out again! Sixth times in 20 games. What's wrong here? - Dee Karl - Comeau to the Flames - Isles Shut Out Again!

"I thought we came out strong." Jack started his post game.

"But we played too cute." "We overplayed the puck a little bit. That's the one thing we try to preach. Try to get pucks and bodies to the net. We had some chances. We played on the perimeter and didn't get pucks to the net."

Jack agreed it's frustrating for everyone and it's not Al's fault that they were shut out. "We have to get pucks to the net."

He was brief. Very very brief. Jack is getting tired of these post game media face-offs. That's why when he was asked "how do you explain being shut out so often on home ice." he replied "I don't know. What do you think?"

The reporter rightly answered, "No goals." No kidding.

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