Monday, November 14, 2011


It was another loss and another lackluster performance by the low scoring NY Islanders. No one is happy. Jack Capuano isn’t happy, the players aren’t happy, I can’t imagine the GM is happy and the fans -- well, they’re about to take things into their own hands.

My favorite Tweet this morning regarding the situation is:

katiesceeKatie Scura
All I know is we better kick ranger ass tomorrow. #orelseiwill
Yep. That is the way it is here on the Island. The Islanders can lose every game to any other team in the league -- as long as THEY BEAT THE RANGERS.

The Rivalry renewed for this season is even more important when things are going poorly in Uniondale. Currently I don’t see how they could be worse. The Isles are at 1-6-3 in their last 10 games. Not the outcome we all hoped for at the beginning of the season. This year we can’t even blame it on catastrophic injury. So what do we blame it on?

Well, if Capuano knew that, they’d be winning. Surely the Isles aren’t the most skilled team in the league, but as Barry Melrose always says “Sometimes will beats skill.” So perhaps the Isles have lost their “will” to win.

They better find it tomorrow night or their season will be on the brink of ruin. They will lose the fans and they can’t afford to do that right now.

By all reports, tomorrow will be the debut of Nino Niederreiter. I don’t enjoy the thought of him playing against the Rangers, but that’s just the mother in me worrying about the youngster. He can handle it. I just don’t know if I can.

Jack Capuano told Art Staple of Newsday that he wasn’t sure who would come out of the line-up in order to get Nino in, but the list of possibilities is a lot longer than we’d like including the guy that some wanted to Captain this team, Kyle Okposo.

The Coliseum is sure to be packed and the chants will be deafening. The Islanders have to shut the Rangers down early or they will lose not only the game, but the crowd as well. Lose the crowd tomorrow and they will not get them back.

Find the Will. Find the Way. Beat the Rangers.

Sidenote: Tonight on NHLWeekly on, guests will be Justin Bourne and Greg Wyshynski. Tune in at 6 pm for hockey news and nuttiness.


Chris Dixon said...

After last night in Vancouver, I am finally starting to lose faith. I've argued with other Isles fans, preached patience, smiled every time someone told me they stunk saying "just you wait". But after the past few weeks, I see only one line working. I see guys who say they love Capuano (cough... Comeau) simply skating away their shifts. How can you showcase a goalie like Nabokov if you can't get a win for him? One of the only bright spots looks like Josh Bailey is coming out of the fog a little. I don't know how to respond to people anymore.

bobbyj53 said...

Beating the Rangers only solves the problem if we play them 82 times a year.......this teams issues run a lot deeper......playing EVERY TEAM like they are the more of what they should focus on. The way this team is perceived by so many, one would think they would play like they have something to prove.....the major problem is that they don't have anything to prove!!

Thomas Gamble said...

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