Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Game Slide Stopped by a Seven Point Line

Okay, not mentioned in my HB post game report that is like UBER late, is the pipe problem.

So a water pipe burst in the ceiling of the Coliseum and it caused many to have to change their seats in the 305 - 306 sections. It also poured water onto the ice that had to be taken care of and did one other really bad thing that I was glad I wasn't there to witness.


You have no idea how freakin' high up in the coliseum the press box is. Yes, it's on the suite level, but then you actually go up another flight of stairs to get to the lounge where the rest rooms are.

Now, when those are closed, unless they let everyone use ones in the suites (highly doubtful), then it's a three story elevator ride or walk down stairs to get to the concourse. With over 11,000 people there last night, I'm pretty sure the lines were crazy. So then it's another walk around the concourse and down the escalators to the rest rooms that no one seems to know exists down by Doolins.

My biggest question about this is -- Did this water pipe have anything to do with the new ice system that is outside the coliseum making a boatload of noise. - Dee Karl - The Slide Stopped at Six

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