Wednesday, November 16, 2011

They're Here - for 16 Games a Year

We can finally stop guessing and wondering if the drawing found on the net months ago was the actual design of the new third jersey. Now while they are decidedly (and I repeat DECIDEDLY) different from the team's regular jerseys. They will take time to get used to, but they are NOT the Fisherman debacle. Actually, when in full uniform, they look pretty sharp.
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They are slated to be used for 16 total games this season. If you don't like them, don't buy one. There are plenty of other home and away jerseys for sale in the team store and on

But the new Winter Wonderland line is terrific. The new apparel items come in many colors and styles and are soft and inviting. As John Tavares and Matt Moulson told me, there is something for everyone in the line.

It's so nice to see women's items that are actually made for women! It's also nice to see great looking Islander hats in other colors and patterns. Now you can wear your support for the Isles and not have to have nothing but blue and orange in your closet (like me).
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The event went over very well with the 120 attendees. Space was limited and those who managed to purchase the charity tickets were treated to a buffet of delicious and easy to eat appetizers along with great cookies and cake.

It took me a few minutes, but I found the bar. Hey! I wasn't actually "working." One small glass of Cabernet and I was a happy camper. Although I had already picked up a bottle of water, so I spent a good 40 minutes juggling the camera, the phone, the recorder and two drinks. And I said I wasn't working?

Ed Westfall looked terrific and spent time laughing and talking to anyone who approached. Mike Bossy was there as well doing interviews and even taking young fans around to get autographs. (Bobby interrupted me as I was trying to interview Moulson. I didn't mind a bit.)

I had a chance to speak with John Tavares about the new Winter line. It was interesting speaking with him outside of a game situation. He smiles. He laughs. He is relaxed. I asked him what he thought about the winter line and the variety.

"It's definitely great. Definitely different. There's a great selection so everyone is going to enjoy it. I know there's a few pieces that I'd like to have and family members would like to have."

I always wondered how players felt when they saw fans wearing team apparel on the street outside of the arena.

"You notice the support. It shows that people care about the team and what the team means to people on Long Island. And even when I see them in different cities, knowing that anywhere you can have an Islander fan and they're proud to be one as well."

I asked JT what his favorite item was and he said it was that new black hat he's been sporting.

For Matt he has a favorite too. "My favorite is a simple white, straight brim, with an Islander logo in black and grey hat." He thought for a split second. "That's my favorite thing in the whole store." But he also admitted "I like a lot of the stuff out there."

I asked the same question about fans wearing Islander items on the street. "It's good to see people support the team. Obviously we have a very loyal fan base on Long Island so it's good to see an Islander hat instead of a.... (another team. ;0) )"

Matt said he doesn't see Islander gear outside of NY too often, but he does see them occasionally in his home in CT. He told me it makes him want to talk to them.

Even the Ice Girls had new outfits to match the new jerseys. The players wives and kids were recruited for duty as well and everyone did a great job.

I had a great conversation with Mike Mottau, but it was off the record so .... I had a quick conversation with Garth Snow as well. That too was off the record so -- this is all I've got.


bill strong said...

You know, once you see the pictures of the stuff on the players, they look pretty good! Great post Dee.

Anonymous said...

Well, the sweater may not be pretty, but the NYI are doing something right honoring teams of the decades. I'm looking forward to Saturday night when they honor ED WESTFALL and the 70's team. The first captain truly deserves it and was a gentleman on an off the ice.

Looks like MSG+ will cover the ceremony and is rolling out some cool video in advance of BOS v NYI. Check this out interview with Eddie: