Monday, December 19, 2011

Isles Hangin in Winnipeg

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Less snow in Winnipeg than I would have expected, but it is cold! The weather at 6 am this morning was -6 C.

The team was excited to get to Travis Hamonic's home town. According to Matt Martin's Twitter account, Travis was taking some heat about it. Guess Hamonic's Mom should set some extra plates for a home cooked meal.

Also learned from Twitter, Matt Martin was looking forward to spending some quality, on-the-town time with his friend Justin Augert. Make that his best friend according to his account. (Also learned from Matty's Twitter account, Nino Niederreiter drives dangerously. Or at least that's what Matty thinks.)

This will be Matt Moulson's first time in Winnipeg and long time Islander fan Billy Pollack is hoping to get his autograph along with those of some others. Billy has been an Islander fan for 24 years in Winterpeg. Not an easy task.

Heck, it's not an easy task 15 miles from the Coliseum.

The main website has a nice article on Travis's road to the Coliseum and you can also send your Isles holiday decoration photos to

Well, it's the Monday before Christmas and I've still got a lot to do on my Christmas list. Sadly, hockey is way down on it. Let's see what else comes over the wire today from the Frozen North.

Have a great Monday.

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