Friday, October 26, 2012

Brooklyn Trend

Borough President Marty Markowitz (or however you spell it) must have been smiling from ear to ear knowing that "Brooklyn" was trending all over the news feeds this week. Then tonight I noticed a commercial that said Jimmy Kimmel was going back to his roots -- back to Brooklyn. It must be the new "thing" to do. Maybe he'll have John Tavares on one day. With the loss of the Islanders, there is much speculation about what will happen to the Hub in Uniondale. There is also some rumbling about reasons no deal could be made. This comment was on a recent post of mine, but because there was no name attached to it, I didn't repeat it.
Relax Dee. Enough of the ‘Tic feakin Tock’ stuff. There will be no hockey this season and the Islanders have a fight on their hands with Hofstra as the Pride continue to negotiate behind the scenes for parcels of land at the NVMC site for future grad school expansion.
Tonight on Twitter my ex-blog box buddy BD Gallof talked aobut his upcoming article that discusses some very interesting issues.
BDGallof: Next week expect info on ToH, Hofstra, words from politico of LI now that #isles leaving & more as we autopsy what went wrong in Nassau
I like how it is called an "autopsy" considering a really thought of it as a death in the family.

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