Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ed Mangano Responds Via Twitter

Okay, more important than wondering about Nino, Tom Ballantyne and I were yapping back and forth on Twitter about the next tenant of the Nassau Hub. As you know, I have been more than verbal about my distaste for the MSG group getting their money grubbing hands on the property that once housed an Isles dynasty. The thought of NY Ranger logos and their farm team in the same spot that the Islanders called home makes me want to cry.
I’ve written, more than I should, how I would accept just about ANY other proposal for the property other than a Dolan/MSG venture. Well, Tom agrees with me, and he is a Nassau County resident.
Ed Mangano reportedly will be making a decision by mid July on the property, so I decided to Tweet at him. I guess he got tired and wanted to stop the @’s, or he really does indeed read his Twitter feed, but he answered me. I will also say -- this isn’t the first time that he has responded. So kudos to him for that.
Dee Karl ‏@7thWoman 18 Jun @tbone31592 @jmadindabuff Nassau Residents have to tell @edmangano that the MSG BRAND is not the right fit for the Hub. It's HIS call.
Tom Ballantyne ‏@tbone31592 18 Jun @7thWoman @jmadindabuff @edmangano Nassau residents aren't competent enough to do that. Not like he'll listen anyway
Dee Karl ‏@7thWoman 18 Jun @tbone31592 Actually @edmangano will LISTEN if the voices are LOUD enough. I am not a county resident. my voice doesn't count.
Tom Ballantyne ‏@tbone31592 18 Jun @7thWoman @edmangano I am a county resident, but this isn't just a county issue. This is Long Island's legacy on the line!
Ed Mangano ‏@edmangano 18h @tbone31592 @7thWoman There is a RFP panel that makes a recommendation. I evaluate their decision and present it to the Leg for approval. Reply to @edmangano @tbone31592
Dee Karl ‏@7thWoman 18h @edmangano @tbone31592 Thank you for the answer. However this is such an emotional issue, it needs to be made on more than a monetary level

Yes, this is not a matter of who has the deepest pockets. You may think it only has to do with county residents, but the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum was visited by tens of thousands of people from all over the world who came there specifically to see the New York Islanders. It will not matter what band or act they place on the property. You can see a top name entertainer anywhere within 50 miles of Nassau. But the New York Islanders will only be able to be seen in ONE place, and it’s not going to be Uniondale. So all those who traveled far and wide will now go to Brooklyn, or Manhattan or NJ or any of the OTHER arenas that the Isles will play a game in. They will NOT be coming to Nassau County to spend their money, eat in the restaurants and stay in the hotels.
Without a major sports team in the Nassau Hub, the world has no reason to come to Uniondale. Period. And another MSG farm team isn’t going to bring them either.

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Anonymous said...

Dee, here's an idea. Tear everything down. Then make a call to Apple, Google and Microsoft and offer them the land, free, to build an east coast corporate campus with the provision that they hire from the Island. These would be real, white collar jobs, providing career growth and be a true boost to the economy of the region. I am sure that all the colleges and universities in the area (Hofstra, Stony Brook, Adelphi, St. John’s, LIU, etc…) would be more than willing to partner with any of these companies and work to create curriculums to train students for positions in such high tech companies.
Oh, and before someone says that no one moves to NY/LI because of the high taxes, just remember that Apple and Google are headquartered in California, a state that verges on bankruptcy, has high utility prices, high corporate and property taxes, and some of the most restrictive environmental laws on the books.