Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Even At 15th, The Faithful Like To Party

Where to be on a Sunday afternoon in late June? Why at an NHL Entry Draft party of course! Yes, I was a little surprised to see the parking lot PACKED when we pulled up yesterday to the draft party. I was even more surprised that the line for the sale merchandise in the lower lobby wrapped around all the way into the exhibit hall.

It was organized like a Disney line for Space Mountain. It snaked through the tables laden with merchandise of all sorts, all 50% off. There were bargains to be had in every direction. And you had to be quick. The really good bargains were snatched up before you got to the table you wanted.

But with all the great stuff they had out, I will ask the Isles and Terry Goldstein to PLEASE, just donate all the Smyth and Blake jerseys. It's time. To have those out for 50% of $275 is just ridiculous. It's been a decade now, hasn't it? Stop boxing them up and donate them to goodwill or recycle them or something, but don't try to sell them for more than the $25 they're worth.

Nassau County and SMG made a killing on Sunday as they charged their normal full prices for all concession items, $10 for parking and charged County sales tax on merchandise purchases. They should remember that when they're trying to figure out why Professional Lacrosse teams don't draw as much money into the county as an NHL team.

No, I wasn't happy with seeing $6 pretzels and $5 waters for a family friendly event. But then again, at least this time numerous concessions were open to meet the needs of the thousands of fans who attended.

The lines for the games and rides were long, but nothing compared to the line for the locker room tour. Fans just love seeing where their favorite players get ready for work. And unlike when I am in there, they don't get hit with sweat dripping off an exhausted player. Although I think the young girls would love that.

With no big name prospect headed the Isles way this time, there was no thunderous applause for the choice. No balloons and streamers falling from the rafters either. Just contentment.

Content that the Isles weren't in the top five again and hope that the only place they're going is up and not just WEST.

Matt Martin seemed to be the biggest name draw on Sunday, but as he was corralled behind the Season Ticket Holder VIP area, I couldn't get to him. There were a few prospects with @DivaDinaR but I'm sorry to say, I didn't recognize them. (If you've seen one blond, young hockey player, you've seen them all.) The photos of Martin schmoozing with fans on the Isles website are priceless.

Speaking of "West" as in Brooklyn -- color me a little surprised to not see a Yomark Nets takeover of the exhibit floor. Sure, there were discussions with people about the pending move, but I wasn't being beaten over the head with it by Sales people.

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