Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"C" Day for Ed Mangano & Nassau County

I will try to be brief, but my nerves have the best of me.  Today is the day that Nassau Executive Ed Mangano will announce his decision on who gets the Coliseum rights.  The announcement will come at 11:30 am today and all the time and money spent by the two competing factions will come to an end.

We all know that both the MSG group and the Ratner group are successful and intelligent developers who are sure to make the county, and themselves, money with this project.  The Town of Hempstead will benefit from either development.  So with those things being equal, all that remains is which will keep the history alive.

The MSG group wants to bring the "MSG BRANDS" to Uniondale.  The Ratner group wants to keep a link to the NHL franchise that called it home for decades.  For that reason, it's an emotional issue for many of us.

As a resident of Long Island and an Isles fan, it breaks my heart to think that the history of the NY Islanders will be obliterated or perhaps simply relegated to "an area in a bar/restaurant" dominated by MSG brand entities.  I fear the arena and the area will become one giant commercial for Cablevision's Optimum service, MSG and the NY Rangers.

Doesn't the Dolan group own enough of our land, lives and entertainment venues?  They own our news outlets with the exception of very few.  One of which published an EXCELLENT piece on their advertising masquarading as journalism in their piece Newsday Omission in Story on Owner’s Rival Raises Questions.  Thank you Long Island Press!

And thank you Kevin Schultz from Islanders Point Blank for bringing the subject of policitcal contributions by Newsday to the Ed Mangano campaign to light.

Certainly all developers use backroom politics to get projects built. It's the way of the world, so I am not shocked at the idea that money has exchanged hands. What I am angry at is Newsday's perpetual bias towards their companies. It is no longer a 'news' vehicle, but an advertising and propaganda machine.
An MSG company Coliseum rebuild will systematically remove the Islanders franchise from the Long Island area until they are nothing but a footnote in history making it so that Brooklyn not only claim them, but change them.
Chose wisely Mr. Mangano. Both developers will help save Nassau County from financial ruin, but chosing one over the other may just ruin your political career.


Anonymous said...

Tough luck. So it's ok for the Isles to move to the city (7 minute subway ride), but not ok for the Rangers to attempt to extend to Long Island. Maybe if isles fans supported the team instead of finishing dead last in attendance the last two decades Nassau would have been happy to build a new arena?

7th Woman said...

Valid comment. Now how about putting your name to it. Why hide.

brian said...

Hey, you must be jumping up and down. Looked more like a paranoid fool than a legitimate sport blogger if you ask me.

7th Woman said...

Dear Brian: Then there were many paranoid fools here on the Island. But thanks for reading anyway.

Brian said...

Why did you take the post down from earlier today where you basically said if MSG wins, it was because of a pay-off/corruption? I printed it and will be sending it to Hockeybuzz but I'm curious why you took it down.

7th Woman said...

I must have been edited. I didn't take it down. I've been edited before. Look, I have a right to an opinion, and that opinion was mine based on my feelings. I have seen many political decisions on long island made based on financial contributions. I have lived long enough. This decision was made based on the financial PROPOSAL of the developers. One made a better offer. So, I am happy.

Brian said...

So you recklessly question Ed Mangano's integrity and now you are thanking him? Basically, if you didn't get your way, all involved were corrupt. Correct?

7th Woman said...

Brian, do you work for the county? I am a long island resident. I question the integrity of the political machine. ALL OF IT. It is not a matter of me 'got getting my way' and it was 'recklessly' questioning his integrity. Has this country gone so far down the shit shoot that no one is allowed to express themselves? Has political correctness taken away my right to free speech? YES HAD MSG WON I WOULD HAVE QUESTIONED THE PROCESS AS BEING CORRUPT. that is my right to my opinion.

7th Woman said...

Perhaps MSG themselves are questioning Ed Mangano's 'integrity' with their statement:
Communications at The Madison Square Garden Company:

“While we are disappointed with the County’s decision, we are not at all surprised given the history of this project, and will be watching closely as this process moves to the County Legislature. "
sore losers.