Thursday, September 26, 2013

Isles Have the Power

It’s not just a “SHIFT” in the Power. It’s actual POWER. Yes, the start of the 2013-2014 season officially starts in ten days. That was announced on the wall calendar in the Islanders lobby. “10 Days Until the Next Shift.” The shift in power could mean many things, but for the Islanders in the locker room it’s the start of a new chapter in the book they left unfinished last season.

The Isles roster remains mostly the same, but the young stars are now the team veterans with playoff experience under their belts. So, it’s time to power up and get going. We can’t get too hung up on preseason game outcomes. While the Isles may have been shut out twice in the last three games, there were no points at stake. It’s the games in October that will tell the tale. Every point lost in October is worth three in March.

For now, it’s time for us to plot and plan getting to the games and what new swag we’ll buy while the Isles practice power plays and penalty kills and find that chemistry they‘ll need to get them back into the post season.

Did you pick up one of those “Brooklyn” shirts at the game last Saturday? That commemorative pin looks pretty sweet on it. Every year the Isles team store brings in new merchandise to tempt us, but this year there is something new we’ll all want because everyone of us could use it.

This season the Isles have teamed up with PowerocksUSA and will be bringing in portable extended battery packs that will be silk screened with the Isles logo. How often have we lost power in our phones or other devices at the worst possible time when we‘re no where near an outlet? How many of us have climbed up on a chair in a restaurant just to charge our phone? Guilty. How many times has my netbook died when I needed it most? Too many. Not any more.
Now you can keep the power with you with Powerocks Magicstick or Rose Stone Extended Battery. Lightweight and powerful, the Magicstick can charge a smartphone twice before needing to be recharged itself and the Rose Stone has TWO USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. Take them with you where ever you go and never be without power.

Every player on the Isles will have one of these beauties of their own to use on the plane or anywhere else. Travis Hamonic and Matt Martin already have theirs and are singing the praises of these great products. Lightweight, easy to use and handy especially when the team is in the air flying from city to city.

You know it’s always all about the gadgets. I don’t know anyone who really couldn’t use one of these. You can pick up your very own Powerock at the Islanders Team Store on Opening Night as there will be a limited supply. The Magicstick is only $45 and the Rose Stone is only $65. Never be without power again!

Unlike the NHL Garden Gnome or that toaster that burns in the team logo, these are really useful. Really, what were they thinking with those?

While you’re at it, get the new Isles iPhone App too. My phone is still Amish, but believe it or not the Powerocks can charge my ancient phone as well.

Wednesday Sideboards: It was Josh Bailey day as he was featured in Art Staple’s Newsday article and was a guest on NHL Live with Steve Mears on the NHL Network. Replay on Kyle Okposo did not practice as that stick to the eye he suffered on Saturday in Brooklyn is a little more annoying than originally thought. Cal Clutterbuck was said to have done a little stick handling work but no skating.

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