Monday, September 8, 2008

Read it and LEARN! 9-8-08

Me again after a bitterly rough day at the salt mines and still cooking food that needs to be cooked at 8:15 pm. But there's always time for a quick entry and a glass of merlot.

There are two blogs I'd like to share with you. The first because someone I respect a great deal used to tell me all the time "Look at things from a different angle, Mrs. Karl." I try. Although sometimes the only "different angle" I can think of is from my couch. But there is one gentleman that had a different outlook that will give you cause to see our beloved game with perhaps just a slight difference. That's Doug from USA Hockey and his IslesOfficialsOutlook. He's going to be working on a series of penalty explanations that I'm sure will be worthwhile. So give him a look.

The other blog I've come to be hooked on has nothing to do with hockey (what a surprise!) and everything to do with Long Island. LIBizBlog has the most unusualy, informative articles about what is happening right here, and with their own spin. I'm addicted. So if you're looking to find out what's REALLY happening that you're not seeing in the papers, check them out! And if you have a wordpress account or sign up, you can comment on it the same way as any other blog.

DING! Okay pork chops need to come out of the oven and pizza needs to go in. Ah yes! The perils of having a Chambers Stove. The one Rachel Ray has. The oven isn't even the size of my microwave, but DAMN!!! Can this thing COOK! (And so can I!)


John said...

I've been in Asia so long now that even seeing a real stove makes me hungry. I have a feeling I am going to blow up like a blimp after I get back. Little things like pizza and bagels are just garbage here. Also, going to the supermarket is hard work becasue everything is written and Chinese and they do indeed eat wacky stuff.

Travelchic59 said...

That's one funky looking stove. Me - I don't cook. In 24 years of marriage if I cooked 20 times that's a record. LOL! I found a perfect sign for me recently. It read "I serve 3 meals - Frozen, Microwave, Take-Out." Thank goodness I married a man who loves to cook because he would starve waiting for me.

Doug said...


As always you're the best. Thank you so much for helping to hopefully achieve my goal of joining you in the Box. Also, I need to thank you for the plug on my site. You have no idea how much it truly means to have a friend like you in the blogosphere. Now with the added pressure I'm gonna have to get those pieces rolling so I have them to dish out for later this week. Thanks again.