Monday, October 13, 2008

1st Intermission.

And the stage is lowered once again for Push Play to perform. They kids love them. and there's a post game concert to follow.

My camera batteries just died. I'm a little pissed.

Back to food. My normal pizza oven pizza down stairs is no longer. There is now a stand there selling pulled pork and mac & cheese. I'm not happy about that one. But still I haven't sampled anything so I can't judge the quality yet.

And just like that, it's now 2 - 0 Sabres. I don't know how though. Scored by #22 @ 2:22 he he he he..... SOG are now 10 - 15 and most of the action are in the Islanders end.

Andy Hilbert had a breakaway and the tale went wild, but he couldn't get anything out of it.
Islanders are finally on a Power Play, but MacDonald just gave up a short handed goal and they are no down 3 - 0. This is just playing into my "the Islanders don't play well at Day games theory."
"Same old Islanders" is what I just heard. Buffalo almost scored again on the same exact play.
Ken thought that maybe he needed to move to his "lucky spot." But as soon as he did, Buffalo scored their 4th goal of the game... and then.... the flood gates opened.
We couldn't even see who was fighting whom. All I know is that ther eis equipment all over the ice. Witt, Bergenheim, Hilbert, Thompson, pick a player, they were fighting.
Doug is saying that Craig Rivet sould definitely get a game misconduct for 3rd man in. Let's see if he's right. It will take forever to get this all sorted out as it seemed they were just watching as players paired off.

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