Monday, October 13, 2008

Kid's Day 10-13-08

So I made it here with time to spare and didn't even have to fight my way into the media lot this time. Bonus!!! Although I'm parking basically in NCC, but hey... the $7 I saved on the parking I just spent on a cocktail.

New items on the concourse: A bar every 15 feet. That must have been for me. No not really. Trail mix in little containers for $5 (I think). Philly Cheesesteak and more expensive sausage & peppers. There are some concessions that now have stantions to control the lines wihich I think is a really good idea for a change. But I haven't tried anything yet. I'll tell you if I try anything. BD is in heaven because they have Magic Hat beer and Chicken Wings.

Backing up the back up. Interesting little situation out on the ice as DiPitro looks like he's backing up MacDonald. Ricky and Miller just shared a little goalie to goalie conversation on the ice. Wonder what they said????

The stage coming down hovering over ice level is pretty cool, but not as cool as seeing 4 bands at the Hampton Beach Casino. I should have brought my daughter today.
And this is for her... hey! I think Cobra Starship are better than these guys!
The mascots have taken to the ice and the seats are filling up. I just had a loud, difficult exchange with my husband who is trying to stream the game on the web from somewhere, anywhere actually. I couldn't find it, I hope he does.
Okposonet Ken has joined us here too. We are now at capacity in the box. Guess it's a good thing that Tiger Track Tom is upstairs.
The good thing about having so many kids here is they are at least LOUD. Good thing for me is I now get to see who the heck these new guys are in the Islanders jerseys are. There's Pock and Thompson and basically... I wouldn't know them i I fell over them... yet.
First penalty of the game on Richard Park. I'll give it too him since he saved what would have been a goal two seconds ago.
How many of you went for your free Wendy's Chili after Saturday's game?? hmmmmm?
Witt just took a 2 minute penalty for hooking, but the call looked like nothing we've seen before. You'll have to check out Doug's blog later for the explantion.
It seems that the fact that the Sabres are on a power play may not matter. Hopefully I didn't just jinx them. Sadly... I did. with the SOG 7 - 4 in favor of the Sabres they score first on MacDonald. I'll shut up next time. I promise.
They are really pressuring MacDonald, but he's still holding his own so far.
Mike just yelled at us for not paying attention, and immediately Kyle got into a fight with someone. I think Ken Dick had a heart attack. "Be CAREFUL!" he yelled.
Actually... I think Terry Goldstein who is in charge of merchandising almost had a heart attack too.
Comrie has taken the penalty on this one for some reason. But they have not announced it yet. Oh, 4 minutes, 2 minutes roughing and 2 for roughing. Comrie? really???
Prediction from the end of the table. There will be a weak call on Buffalo before the end of the period.

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