Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog Box: Season 2 10-1-08

Well, it's Wednesday, October 1st. The first hockey game of the season at the Coliseum. The first (semi) reunion of the Blog Box. With a few changes in the off season, it seems that Frankenstein's monster has been left to run loose. But once the "band of bloggers" are back at the table, I'm sure we'll come up with a few new stunts here and there.

But for now, we just need to get started. It's only a preseason game, so I'm sure I'll be asking Tiger Track Tom every five seconds "Who's that?," but he's nice enough to never tell me to "just look at the damn roster Dee."

Islesblogger Mike will be there, and hopefully will spend time at the table and not just in his seats with his Uncle. Besides, I want to see his new camera (If he did make the purchase we talked about.)

And Frank. My arch nemeses Frank will take some time from his busy work and home schedule to join us at the table for the sheer pleasure of poking at me that someone else is wearing that #55 sweater. I'm ready for you Frank.

B.D. unfortunately has other responsibilities for the evening so he won't be in his usual spot at the far end of the group. Not sure if the "Kens" will be there or not, but I think Mr. Gasparino will make a guest appearance.

I look forward to seeing CJ Papa so I can congratulate him on his promotion and to seeing Dina the Arena hostess so I can show her my new shoes. I'm sure the boys will try to ignore our giggling in the hallway as we rattle off our entire off season happenings at lightening speed.

I'm anxious to see Scott Gordon conduct the first post game in Press Room 6, and see if he can be heard over the air conditioner or not. He's had plenty of time to learn that Greg Logan asks the hard questions and everyone else follows.

I may or may not bring the lap top. I may leave the live blogging to the man who does it best. But we'll see. Either way, I'm sure we'll have some interesting things to talk about come 11 pm tonight.

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Doug said...

One of these days...I hope to join all of you.