Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Preseason Heartburn - 10-1-08

This is where I think "Twitter" would come in handy. The day I was so looking forward to was just one long string of oddities and dissapointments.

It's late, so forgive the disjointed, free flowing sentences that may or may not make any sense at all.

There's Budweiser in the baby carriage pushed by Grandma on Rte. 109.

The Day Rate hotel now has wireless internet service.... I guess you're now supposed to supply your own porn.

How can I be excited over $3.49 a gallon gas? But I am.

I beat the rain to the Coliseum. But a nice way to start the season, I can't get into the parking lot. I pay the $7 and curse at the yellow shirts to maybe look at the freaking website once in a while.

Tiger Track Tom has "crossed the line." He's upstairs tonight.

Maureen my favorite bartender is still there, but drinks are now $8.50, and hardly worth it.

The IBC event was packed! What a showing! I should have eaten something, it all looked so good.

I can smell cinnamon roasted nuts.

Looks like some of the STHs decided to stay home.

Seems like the new jerseys will be unveiled in 31 days, that's November 1st.

I had a senior moment while talking to Chris Dey and completely forgot one of my coworkers names.

Yes, Mitch Fritz is big, but considering I had a bartender who was 6'9" he doesn't scare me. Hopefully he scares the guys on the other team.

Blogger buddy Doug is here with his girlfriend and are keeping me and Ken company.

MacDonald made a good save and then a minute later was run into his own net.

Tambellini did manage a nice move on Brodeur, but hell... it's Broduer. Nothing.

"Even strength looks like they're on a penalty kill." someone at the table.

"Sim has the puck! Haven't been able to say that in 80 games." Also someone at the table. (I'm not allowed to quote them any more.)

I missed Sugden's fight. CRAP.

Rupp is just rolling over everyone. Someone stopp him please.

Jackman and Brookbank took a turn at dancing and then had to leave the ice.

Where's my Parise jersey damn it! He scores.

Another fight. What a surprise.

Dina comes to visit me. That's absolutely the highlight of the game. We laugh about the old joke "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." Yep.

Oh Crap! I didn't know Holik is on the Devils. Um... I hate Holik.

MacDonald isn't horrible, but the wine is. Yuck.

Comrie doesn't produce "I want to see a $4 million goal!" Comes from my right.

Mitch Fritz is gargantuan. Again came from my right.

There's not much to cheer for at all and it tool 51 minutes for the booing to start in the stands. That's probably because they were pretty sparse.

Witt and Brookbank in the box for roughing. I've completely lost interest now.

From my right, an intelligent comment: "That's the second time MacDonald's been beat by a slap shot more than 25 feet on the glove side." My thoughts "Devils score."

Gordon comes to the press room without his jacket and tie. Maybe they were afraid he was going to hang himself with it.

Newsday sent three reporters tonight. Too bad there isn't much for them to work with.

"That's a great shade of mascarra." That's the first time those words were ever spoken in press room 6.

I can't go through the locker room comments yet. It's too late. But I'm impressed with Hillen.

Check the rest of the blogosphere for more information on this first home game at the Coliseum. I have to go to bed. 6am comes really fast in this household.


Doug said...

I love the rapid fire, what did I write down in my notes style! Too bad the game was depressing.

--that Guy from the Right

Anonymous said...

It's "Panic AT the Disco", and they