Monday, November 3, 2008


Sorry, I'm still in history mode from visiting Boston. Okay, so it has been two seasons since the Islanders last matched up against the Columbus Blue Jackets. As notes, there have been numerous line up changes since then. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Rick Nash. I'm curious to see how he has developed.

In 2004 I had the pleasure of staying in Columbus for the World Cup exhibition games. What a great city and beautiful arena district. It was without a doubt one of our most memorable mini-vacations. But while we were there, I noticed the Jackets were promoting Rick Nash the way the Islanders promote Rick DiPietro. Nash IS the face of the Blue Jackets. Tonight, their "face of the franchise" will be on the ice. OUR "goalie for life" will be sidelined and purely a spectator. Yes, many things have changed since 2004.

Also returning is ex-Islander Mike Peca. The return to the coliseum must be very bittersweet for him. Those who were closest to him during his tenure are no longer around and I'm sure he will be flooded with memories as he steps out onto that ice for warm ups.

Mike Peca was the guy we used to like to call "Captain Crunch." In his heyday his thin frame could disable an opponent and render them useless. But then the unfortunate knee injury seemed to change him forever. I'd like to think he will receive a warm welcome back to the Island. He's given a lot to this game and he deserves to be recognized for it.

Let's also see how Ken Hitchcock handles his team now that his wallet is $10,000 lighter since the NHL penalized him on Friday for Jared Boll's instigator penalty. And I quote "The disciplinary action is pursuant to NHL Rule 47.22, which states "a player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five minutes of regulation time or at anytime in overtime, shall automatically be suspended for one game ... in addition, the player's coach shall be fined $10,000 – a fine that will double for each subsequent incident." (That was for IslesOfficial Doug.)

The final comments by Kyle Okposo in today's Newsday article by Greg Logan made me think of a very old adage. He is quoted as saying "It's tough to not get a win, but I think our game is moving in the right direction."

How many times did I hear my daughter's little league coaches tell them "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.... Now let's go get some ice cream!"?

Yes, for the next 4 - 6 weeks, without Rick DiPietro in net, it will be the process and the mechanics that will be most important, not the outcome. Patience is a virtue, let us all be 'virtuous.'

Today is National Cliche day. I have done my part. And I'm sure whomever is in the post game interviews tonight will do theirs as well.

Happy Monday people.

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25yearfan said...

In honor of National Cliche Day...
At least they got the monkey off their back.