Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Always LOVED Mike Modano - 11/6/08

While driving home from work last night and listening to Home Ice on my XM, I heard the little tidbit about Mike Modano publicaly calling out Stars teammate Sean Avery. I have to admit, I smiled ear to ear. Modano is one of the greatest American born hockey players ever, and he has always been a class act. So to hear that he made his feelings known publicaly just validated what I have known all along.... Avery is a putz.

Here is an except from veteran hockey writer Mike Brohpy:

"It took a lot of courage for Dallas Stars veteran Mike Modano to call out teammates Sean Avery and Steve Ott for their antics against the Boston Bruins on the weekend. In a nutshell, Modano said he was embarrassed by their behaviour and if this is how the organization is going to act this season, he'd rather take an office job. I exchanged text messages with Modano the past few days and he indicated to me that while he has traditionally kept his opinions to himself, he felt something needed to be said."

Also heard on Home Ice: Did Chris Chelios ACTUALLY say "My wife votes for our family." regarding this past presidential election? Shame on you Chelios! Shame on you!

Islanders are away tonight and I'll be celebrating my best friend's birthday with two of my best allies and partners in crime. It should be fun as we travel all over Nassau County tearing up the streets. Look Out Islander Country! We're ready to Party!


Anonymous said...

Dee? You did it again.
I disagree. Guess who?
About to go off on a tangent. So read on at your own risk.

Look, Mike Modano may have put a smile on your face and mine with his public criticism of Avery but he is not someone I admire.
remember that Olympics outburst a few years ago? He bad mouthed Peter Laviolette and all of USA hockey.
Spoiled jerk complained about lack of tickets and amenities. While right in some respects and over the line on others, I found it disgusting that it came on the 26th anniversary of the 1980 US Olympic Gold victory. As Americans we had to deal with the ongoing fallout from Nagano. Remember that? The hotel room trashing? Well, just when they had a shot at redemption in Turin with a good team, we get a lame effort in the quarters and Modano's whiney USA hockey complaints. I will never forgive him for that. The privilege of representing your country and you dare spit in its face. Modano played poorly and uninspired and Modano was pissed because Laviolette benched his ass.

You never publicly lambaste your coach or another player. Deal with it internally. But on second thought. It was Sean Avery right?
Hmm, lemme think about this one some more.

7th Woman said...

Nagano? you want me to remember back to Nagano? I can't remember back to Monday.
Love you anyway!