Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Process Makes Progress 11-5-08

I wanted to bring up just a few points this morning as the sun dawns on a new, historic day for the USA.

I went to bed reviewing an Islander win and contemplating the potential presidential victory. I thought of how many doubts about our team are beginning to be shattered while doubts about our country's future loom large.

When the Islanders announced the parting of ways with well respected coach Ted Nolan, the fan base gasped in disbelief.

When Garth Snow gave Joey MacDonald a one way contract and Wade Dubielewicz left with nothing but a hand shake, the fans vocally doubted his choice.

When Scott Gordon was chosen over candidates with years of NHL experience to lead this team during a new phase, many thought Garth Snow had a hidden agenda.

The doubts continued as free agent Mark Streit was given a lucrative contract and Gordon lobbied for the signing of AHLer Nate Thompson.

Well Islander Country.... what say you now?

Of course, we are still awaiting the decision on dropping a few places in the draft and coming away with Josh Bailey. But something inside me says that too will turn out to be another "I told you so" Garth Snow decision.

So far the only decision our GM has made that I continue to doubt and grumble about is letting Darryl Bootland go. (BTW, he's doing very well with the Manatoba Moose.) And I'm even giving in on the Blake decision. (FINE! So you were right about that one too! Don't rub it in.)

Perhaps this team may not set any unprecedented NHL records this season, but in April we should come away pleasantly surprised and looking toward the future.

With God's blessing, our country can do the same. We awoke to a new day in American history. No one can discount the impact this election will have on the world. I hope this 47 year-old man and single term Senator is up to the task of leading a nation in a world of political and economic unrest.

In Obama's victory speech he used the phrase "While we breathe, we hope."

Personally... I hope we don't get our ass kicked. It is now his turn to prove himself.


Dani said...

I couldn't have said it better myself and I agree 100%.

Perfectly stated, Dee.

Anonymous said...

"Well Islander Country.... what say you now?"

Dee? We get great goaltending and we escape with a win at MSG and suddenly Garth is vindicated? I disagree. garth snow has made many mistakes and there's plenty of hockey to go. I applauded the letting go of Dubie and his lazy off season prep. I liked MacDonald. But this team is going to have games where we have our spirits lifted. When we have a few weeks of this, I'll gladly genuflect at the Garh Snow altar. And in case you haven't figured it out, yes it's steve the blog despising bastid reading the one of few blogs that are relevant in Islanders Country.
keep up the god work!