Monday, December 29, 2008

5-4 Loss Is Nothing Compared --

To the sick feeling I had in my stomach watching Trent Hunter cling to the leg of a linesman looking for help. A clean hit had sent him into the boards, but a door opened unexpectedly and it looked like to me that it got him between the shoulder blades up high. Trent rolled over on his back and when the linesman came to his aid, the look on his face made me hold my breath. Gordon looked like he was going to just puke behind the bench.

The Islanders cannot afford to lose the likes of Trent Hunter -- EVER.

It must have rattled the Islanders as well, since the Rangers scored within seconds of Hunter leaving the ice.

Please give Jackman some iron supplements or check him out for clotting agents in his blood because I've never seen such a bleeder before in this game. It's always the same spot, right above his right eye. He has tissue paper skin that just opens up and bleeds.

Bergenheim and Sim sat out tonight's game. They were being scolded for poor play. Bad Boys! Bad Boys!!

Doug Weight returned to the ice and did make an impact. Though not on the score sheet. The number is still two.

Comrie.... should not fight. It just looks silly, but he did score.

Campoli didn't have any saving goals to make up for his give-aways.

And I can't even continue this tonight. Too much to do, too tired to think. Too numb for the night.

If we lose Trent, after losing Andy Hilbert and so many others, then I just don't know what we will do.

Oh... yeah... and the Rick Show continues. I was so upset over Trent that I forgot about Rick not being in net after we thought for sure he would be. I'm starting to wonder if he's made of glass.

2009 can't come soon enough.

Oh! And as an aside... Anyone else hear that Jiggs McDonald will be replacing Howie Rose during the West Coast portion of the upcoming Islanders schedule.

Maybe he can bring us some luck.


Travelchic59 said...

And the DP soap opera continues!!!!

I know we won on Friday, but WHY THE HELL WAS HE ALLOWED TO PLAY???!!!!

I am really starting to think DP is calling the shots here and that's NOT a good thing at all.

McCauley's Blog said...

Hey Dee, Were you talking about Fritz bleeding? Bleeds like Gerry Cooney.

stevedepot said...

again, great blog. The most emphatic play of that game was seeing Trent Hunter on the ice.
My first thought was that he suffered a separated shoulder.
Then I saw the replay and it was clear he was just winded - winded bad. It happens. Then they have to take all the necessary precautions. Make sure you still have feeling (because he landed on his back). So I wasn't too concerned. Knew he wouldn't need the stretcher.
Glad that he was ok, bet he'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again, you always touch on the most resounding tidbits.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee! Chuck DiMaggio here. Yes, I read in Mark Herrmann's NHL Insider blog from December 2nd that Jiggs would be making the west coast trip. From Mark's blog:

The impasse in Thailand is over and Jiggs McDonald, the retired Hall of Fame voice of the Islanders, and his wife are on their way to Hong Kong and then back to Canada, their daughter Susan DeSimone said a little while ago.

McDonald, at the end of a long-anticipated Asian vacation tour, had been trapped in Bangkok when protesters forced closure of the airport. He had to stay a few extra days, including his 70th birthday Friday.

But he is OK. That means fans can look forward to hearing his voice on telecasts of the Islanders' west coast swing in early January.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Comrie "fight." At least someone was sticking up for the kids!