Monday, December 29, 2008

The DiPietro "Wait & See" game

So it seems the biggest thing Islanders fans have to think about this morning is whether or not Rick will be the Man in the Golden Mask tonight at the Garden.

War in Gaza, which they seems to happen every holiday season since I was six, is news that I can't control, nor wrap my head around 100%. "The ultimate objective is to change reality. Hamas needs to know the equation will be changed." So says an Israeli spokeswoman. I shudder to think.

When will Favre and Mangini be fired by the Jets seems to be the second news story of the day, and that one doesn't concern me either. So THEIR old man fumbled. He should have stayed in retirement.

No, this Monday before work, I am quizzical only on whether or not Rick will be Savior or Bench warmer in the Big Apple. There are those who have posted on Point Blank that Denis has been sent back to Bridgeport. So that is a hint, but not the final answer. So I guess we will have to wait for today's installment of PB after practice at the Garden to get the real info. ('cause ya KNOW it'll be there first.)

Rick in net doesn't guarantee us a win, but it gives us a glimmer of hope. For some reason I was calling for a 6 - 2 win last night in my conversations. I wasn't even drinking, so I don't know why those numbers stuck in my head. A little ridiculous considering I don't think this team could score six goals on the pee wee teams that are playing in Harbin China right now.

Well, Happy Monday Islanders Country. Let's just Wait & See.

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