Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas Presents

"Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is a Game Winning goal. If that's a little too much to ask for, can I at least have a game TYING game with like, let's say 2 seconds left in the 3rd?

Your Pal, Chris Campoli."

So sayeth Big Angry Man Saturday night after the game.

And the Christmas Magic continues as the Islanders manage to steal a point from Lindy Ruff's Sabres. Even more "magical" was a long waited for goal by Jeff Tambelllini. We can finally take the Jeff Tambellini Goal Watch clock down off of our NYIC message board. And of course, Webby is quick, it's already down. Now, let's not have to wait 42 games for another one Jiffy Jeff.

"Pain and Progress are inseperable." So sayeth the Maven. And that is what we got out of the shoot out Saturday. Although MacDonald did an excellent job through 3 periods and one overtime, he was no match during the shoot out.

I wonder if Scott Gordon will lock Sean Bergenheim in a room with three hours worth of video tapes. Deserved or not, that penalty Sean was called for during overtime was killer, and not the frst time he's done that. Wonder what Bergie's video file looks like now. I'm sure it isn't pretty.

Note to Sean from Mom:

Sean, you have to do better. You're smarter than this. Please show it or you will end up in the press box or worse.

Now, can someone tell me why the team plays so diffierently with the man in the Golden Mask in the net. Does Ricky actually give them so much confidence that they can play BETTER? They don't give Joey too many opportunities to win.

But I will say that Rick did play far more disciplined Friday night. His saves were not as dramatic, he didn't flop around. Now, the interesting item is that noticed that Rick didn't land comfortably during the obligatory celebration chest bump between the Man in the Golden Mask and our 2 second boy, Chris Campoli. Check it out.

Tomorrow they face the Rangers and the big question will once again be who will be in net. If the injury status was just a clever ruse to get Yann Denis up from Bridgeport, then it will be The Rick. If Joey is firmly planted in net come the first puck drop.... then we'll REALLY have something to talk about!!!

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