Friday, December 12, 2008

Bailey Not Alone

Real quick, while I wait for my IT guys to figure out what's wrong with our server.

It seems that Josh Bailey isn't the only young Canadian hockey talent that won't be seeing the benefits of what the WJC would give him. Steven Stamkos is also being withheld from joining Team Canada in order to stick around with the Bolts.

That's two young men missing out on what could be a personal accomplishment. But then again, could it be by keeping them off Team Canada, then Team USA gets closer to a medal? Who knows. But at least, it's not just Garth Snow that feels a young prospect benefits more from time spent in the NHL than at the WJC.

Of course, Stamkos is the same kid that Barry Melrose said wasn't READY for the NHL. But we know how that ended. On the other hand, Filatov has been shipped off to serve his country with a pat on the back and a "go get 'em kid." by Columbus.

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Travelchic59 said...

I think the folks in Columbus are the only ones using their brains!!!