Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday's Notes

Today I spent the day "Chrisma-fying" my house. My back hurts and thinking about putting it all back in a few weeks doesn't make me happy. For my daughter, it's a great time of year. She wakes up and the house is decorated, as if by elves. I can't wait till she is old enough to have to do this herself.

Islanders are in Columbus tonight to take on the Blue Jackets. Had this game not fallen in December, I may have been able to convince Big Angry Man to take me on a little hockey road trip. But this close to the holidays, it's impossible. NYIC's Ohio Chapter president, Jimmy14 and his entire family will be in attendance wearing their Islanders jerseys. I hope they make it on TV!

Scott Gordon skated the team hard yesterday. (Or as I always wish for "Skate 'em til they puke.") Let's see if it does anything for them in the scoring column, or just makes them more tired than they were.

My "Holiday Hat Trick" package came yesterday. If you haven't picked one up yet as a gift for someone, or for yourself, I'd like to suggest you do so. This is the best value I've seen in a long time. You can even pick one up at a new Islanders Kiosk in the Roosevelt Field mall. (Very sneaky on the part of Islanders marketing!)

I actually got to catch some of Chris Botta's ESPN 1050am radio show this evening (while putting on my make-up to go out this evening. Okay, I caught ALL of the 1 hour show while putting on my make-up. Yes, it takes that damn long now!!) Interesting that they started out the show speculating that Matts Sundin may chose to be a Ranger. (Where is the puking smiley when you need it.) The league REALLY does need to change the rules to include a deadline for decisions.

If the Rangers take the man who hasn't been able to make a decision since the LAST season ended, well... Good Luck to them. But it will be nice to finally see the "Matts Watch" be OVER. If he does chose to play in the Big Apple, he'll be leaving a huge chunk-of-change on the table in Vancouver. But does he really need it? Probably not.

Okay, time to finish up and head out the door. Enjoy the game all. As best you can. Just remember, it's still hockey. Islanders Hockey. Good our bad; it's ours.

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