Sunday, December 14, 2008


I really didn't want to wake up this morning to my husband giving me a 20 minute review of the two page article in this morning's Newsday by Arthur Staple and my good friend Greg Logan. He has his OWN ideas on how to "FIX" the Islanders. None of which I agree with which makes Sunday morning breakfast a very loud "point-counter-point" session.

"Can I read the article for myself, please??" I asked, and he grumbled.

With coffee, Newsday and pen I started with Arthur Staple's side of the page. Five points made, and only one of which I agree with.

1) Pipe down, Mr. Wang. Staple brings up Neil Smith, as countless others do, and the first thing I wrote on the paper was "WHO STILL DOESN'T HAVE A FREAKIN' JOB!" It reminds me of my favorite line from the old movie Prizzi's Honor; "If Marxie Heller so f-n' smart, how come he's so f-n' dead?" So I ask, If Neil Smith is so f-ing great, how come he's so f-ing unemployed? Also, I take it Mr. Staple didn't get the memo that the committee is dead.

2) Shut down DP: He is not currently being rushed. Maybe he was rushed the first time back, but have you tried to capture lightening in a bottle? You can't keep Rick from the ice, it's where he wants and needs to be.

3) Don't dump the veteran's until it's time: I'll half agree here. But Weight and Guerin have been our best tandem so far. I'd hate to lose either of them. Other vets are possible candidates.

4) Add more kids, any way possible: Okay, Arthur. I gave you that one.

5) Change your perception around the League: Mr. Staple says it's not the building that keeps free agents from signing here. I say BS, it has a huge impact and is sometimes a deal breaker.

On the other side of the page, on Logan's five points, my comments consisted of "Bingo!", "Yes, Yes, Yes!", "We'll have the draft picks.", "the vet question takes thought." and finally "Patience." on the Management timetable point.

Dan said I was playing favorites. I say I just agreed with more on the left side of the page.

Just like the sagging economy, fixing the Islanders is a long term plan. And I can only hope I live long enough to see it.

So... Just FIX IT!


Anonymous said...

what the islanders need to fix there issues is 3 fold...

first trade for sean avery. the islanders need all the fan base they can get and this guy sells tickets and will bring the attention the islanders need. they need more then 2 news reporters focusing on them. Avery might need bring the star player 50 goal scorer they need like ryan smyth did, but he will bring a whole new energy that they are lacking on and off the ice..

secondly they need to get rid of garth snow. the guy has no idea about hockey. he was a career backup goaltender and is ruining this organization day in and day out. he is bringing in players that are just like him personality wise BORINGGGGG AND DULL...


Travelchic59 said...

We are rebuilding. It usually takes 2 to 3 years to accomplish.
I wish everyone would just take a CHILL PILL already about this season. It is NOT going to get better and that may wind up working to our advantage in the long run.

7th Woman said...

Hey, Anonymous. I'd love to address you personally regarding or GM. How about leaving your NAME next time.

Sean Avery will never don an Islanders jersey and we don't need that type of publicity.