Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crosby Must Answer for His Actions

It must be my day to be upset. First the stupid UGGs made in China, and now having to see the Crosby “incident” from the Atlanta game.
What was he THINKING? What is the LEAGUE thinking?
I didn’t see the game. I have only seen the video replays that have been posted on just about everyone’s message board site.
I left the sound off. I don’t know if the player that Crosby decided to go Bertuzzi on said something disparaging about his mother. I don’t know what was said by anyone on the ice. I only saw the “Face of the NHL” repeatedly punch a player who was down and restrained.
I have seen Crosby go at it with players he feels have taken advantage of him. I have even said that it’s good that he stands up for himself. But this is about the same thing as Downey did to Jason Blake a while back. Blake walked away with an instant black eye and blurred vision. This guy must have needed icepacks for his “other” head.
The League cannot ignore this incident. It will NOT go away. They must make some sort of announcement with real explanations or there will be backlash from the fans who do NOT wear Pittsburgh jerseys.
Mr. Campbell, we await your reply!


Tom said...

Very refreshing. Great job, Dee. Honest and funny.

Bary Gettman said...


Not sure what you saw there. From my vantage point - I saw a young man sticking up for his teammate. A young man with a dream. One might say, an impossible dream.... In fact, I feel a song coming on. Wait, what was the question again? Oh yeah. No disciplinary action needed here, c'mon.

p.s. If you come within 200 feet of my office, I will have one of my assistants hand you a peraonally autographed copy of the restraining order....


(aka 25yearfan)