Sunday, December 21, 2008


We interrupt this hockey blog for a Christmas Shopping editorial.

My daughter, like so many jaded Long Island teenagers, asked for UGGS for Christmas. All her friends have them. They are the only ones you can buy. Don't even think of trying to purchase EMUs or Bearpaws or JCPenny's Arizona look-a-likes! UGGS only. "They're from Australia."

As a public service, I would like to tell all the parents out there that the Classic Uggs that we find in our Long Island shops to the tune of $120 and over are NOT from Australia. The recycled cardboard box they come in isn't even from Australia. They are from FREAKIN' CHINA just as every other brand of sheepskin boots that you can't wear in the snow or rain are also from.

Sure, perhaps their $400 pairs of boots or shoes are still made in Australia. But I seriously doubt it. Perhaps before they became a fashion statement that every kid had to HAVE, they were made in Australia from Australian sheep. But now they are made in mass quantity by machines in Chinese factories out of god knows what sort of animal.

I'm disgusted. I'm angry. The lovely young woman who was showing them to me didn't even know they were made in China. "Where are these made? Do you know?"

"Oh yes. They're from Australia."

"Really?" I asked her. "Then why does the inside tag say "Made in China? Why do all the boxes say 'Made in China'? Why are you telling people they're from Australia?"

She too was shocked and dismayed.

"Oh my God! I didn't even notice that!" Yeah... Observant little thing ain't ya.

So, my $20 Target specials are made in the same place as the $139.00 useless in winter weather and what is basically house slippers.

Piss on you Uggs of Australia. The damn box probably costs more to make than the boots!



Travelchic59 said...

I almost feel your pain. LOL! All of my friends with young daughters are going nuts looking for those stupid boots. And like almost everything else in this country, why are you shocked the're made in China? Try checking the labels on all your clothes/boots/shoes, bet you can't find much made here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Uggs,
As comfty and warm as they are, I opted for actual snow boots called Sporto's Gojo. They are a dark tan swede like Uggs but they have fur trim and lace up the front. They have a thick rubber soul, great for ice, rain, and snow, and are super cute. The best part is that they were originally $100 but I got them on sale for $40. :D