Saturday, December 20, 2008

Land of Misfit Hockey Players

During this time of year, I start hearing songs from the more famous Christmas cartoons that we all grew up with. Tonight was no exception. But it did make me laugh.

"Why am I such a nitwit, I can't score goals worth a s**t."

Ninth straight loss. They couldn't score a goal. Not one! And the only stat we've been keeping track of; Doug Weight's race to 1000 pts has now been sidetracked by a groin strain. Just what we needed.

As Jaffe said, the Islanders are already offensively challenged. "Oy Vey." Now the top offensive player is out of the lineup. The top D men are out of the line up; what's next? Can it get any worse?

I shouldn't say that. Every time you say that... it does get worse.

It will be a quiet plane ride home, I'm sure. December can't end fast enough. Let's just turn the calendar's page over and start fresh, shall we?

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