Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Hat Trick Arrives

I just had to add a few things about the "Holiday Hat Trick" package, even though I've covered it before.

Mine arrived via fed ex on Friday in a die-cut folder that looks like a locker. I opened the envelopes and letter and found everything I was promised: Three sets of tickets, a voucher for a duffel bag and that $50 Visa Gift card.

Yesterday I decided to go pick up that duffel bag at the new store in Sunrise Mall. I handed over my voucher, an employee walked into the back room and brought out this large package.

"Can you just sign this for me?" he asked before handing over my gift. I signed the voucher and gave it back to him. All I could say when I saw this bag is "WOW! Are you SURE you gave me the right item? This comes with the package?" It is absolutely beautiful. I'll get a lot of good use out of this.

So if you haven't done so, and want a great ticket deal, pick one of these packages up. (Think of it, these are late December and January games; we should see some of our walking wounded back on the ice by then.)

Better yet, stop by the Team store in Massapequa and see Dani or Monica. They can sell you a Holiday Hat Trick package right there. Don't live close to Massapequa? No problem, head to Roosevelt Field or Broadway Mall. You can check out their 12 days of savings specials too.

And that $50 Visa card is going to come in handy at the games, 'cause I KNOW that Doolan's DOES take debit cards. ahem ahem...


islesblogger said...

And where are the pictures of the locker and bag?!?

IQ said...

drinks are on YOU tomorrow! hahaha


Dani said...

That bag *is* awesome. I'm buying one for my son for Christmas. Ssh! :)

Thanks for the shout out, Dee!