Monday, December 15, 2008

Adding Insults to Injuries & tomorrow's game

Is Point Blank becoming the harbinger of all bad Islanders news? I received a press release today about the Islanders doing their annual holiday hospital tour. I didn't realize they were doing it because so many of them needed the hospital themselves.

Tonight we learned that Josh Bailey will be out of the line up once again this season with yet another injury and that Nate Thompson has a fractured ankle. If you add this to all the other injuries that the roster is still trying to recover from, the Islanders had better start looking at the front office staff for replacements.

Better yet, I know Steve Mears plays hockey and his shot is just as wide as Jon Sim's. Suite him up! What can it hurt.

But with all the injuries plaguing the Islanders people are starting to call out the training and conditioning staff. In all honesty, even though this could just be a run of the worst possible luck, there could be a case or two made for this vigilante movement.

It's not just our veterans going down with injuries but the cornerstones of our youth movement. It's not fair. Having one of the young guns out for one or two games is no big deal, losing them for weeks on end or the ever popular "day-to-day" is simply disheartening.

I'll repeat what I said last season: Get a priest, a rabbi, a shaman or whatever it takes to break the spell of the dark cloud that permeates the Coliseum. And do it quickly.

As tomorrow night will be one of the only times I will be in the coliseum this month, Doug has arranged for a live chat with members of the blog box, so join in. I can't say it will be fun, but misery certainly does love company!

I actually don't know if that link will work, but if it doesn't, check his blog for the right one!!!


IQ said...

"Put me in coach"

HAHHA~are you wearing your islanders hat?

Dani said...

Maybe the snow will hold down the bad spirits tonight?