Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Isles vs. Caps 12/16/08

I'm missing my office Christmas party for this. I know I"m going to get in trouble for it. But what the hell. I wanted to see Alexander the Gr8.

Jackman just fought Bradley, and everyone was excited.... for a minute or two. Okay, so I got side tracked with the cover it live.

Okay, second period, shows are 15 - 18 with 14:30 left and we're only down by one. Let's see how many points Doug Weight can get in just one night.

BTW... Dina is also an amazing Baker!!! She brought me a beautiful basket of home made cookies and chocolates, that I am NOT SHARING!!!

I... am bored.... I'm going to pack up now.
hmmmm. I missed a steak dinner and free wine for this.