Monday, April 27, 2009

I Hear Crickets....

I got nothing.

We've beaten the John Tortorella saga to death and I really don't want to get ripped again for it.

I could say how happy I was that Jason Blake had a two point game in Switzerland this morning, but I've already had my say over at Leafspace.

I could also say how happy I am for Scott Gordon for his second win of the tournament.

Should I mention the six game suspension to Donald Brashear for his hit on Rangers penalty kill machine Betts? Should I really open that can of worms? No.

I can tell you that I get more information off Twitter than I ever imagined possible and it's pretty damn well addicting.

I have no news on the Lighthouse LI Project to discuss, so that's out, and I'm to a point where I don't even really care any more whose name Garth Snow announces at the podium on June 26th. Just get it over with so we don't have to wonder any more.

Tomorrow is the big night of Game Sevens. It's going to be a big night. So I won't waste your time.

Or mine..... I do enough of that all damn day.


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~me said...

you never waste our time...