Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Will it Be Tantrum Tuesday?

It all comes down to this day for four Eastern teams. I hear so many people saying there's nothing like a game 7; do or die time. Who goes home and who goes on to round two. But having to get through a seven game series, that team that moves on is a little more spent than the one that only had to get through four games. Some lose their key players that helped them get through the series.

That is what will be so interesting tonight. It's not just WHO will win, but how they will win.

Brent Sutter is such a start contrast to fiery Ranger coach John Tortorella, so all the media attention before this evening's games will be on Torts more than likely led by his media nemesis Larry Brooks.

Do you ever wonder if Tortorella says "Brooks" the way Jerry Seinfeld used to say "Newman." I think he does. I'm sure he wanted to say a few choice things yesterday when Brooks attempted to press the coach for an explanation, a comment, a confession or at least a simple apology. What he received was the typical John Tortorella bristle that I was so afraid would have been representing the NY Islanders when they were in search of a coach.

All he needed to do was say it was a mistake, I shouldn't have done it and be done with that. Instead the team that never hands out details releases a letter with graphic details attempting to look like victims.

If there was a security problem he should have just taken the team off the ice One man cannot fight 20,000 fans with a water bottle and a hockey stick. What was he thinking?

Glen Sather put security for the Rangers tonight in Washington into the league's hands. The league has responded. They will make sure the security is adequate. Considering that Washington DC is responsible for the security of the first Black President in US history, I think they can manage to protect one hot headed coach and a team from the Big Apple.... seriously.
But they won't be able to protect them from the wrath of Alexander Ovechkin.

The Devils and the Canes will start a little later but will be just as entertaining I'm sure. It will prove to be a Hurricane blowout if they can once again get in Marty's head early in the game. The Devils had better show up to play tonight or perhaps even Sutter will blow a gasket for a change.

Rockin' The Red all night long. I may be tailgating on my porch because it all comes down to now.

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