Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Two

As the two final game sevens of round one are finalized, the stage is set for round two. This only means that we are getting closer to the end of the hockey season as teams are eliminated.

We start with 30, it comes down to two and only one goes home with the prize.

As expected by the majority today, the NY Rangers were eliminated by the Washington Capitals. They had so many factors against them. Yet until midway through the third period the Rangers looked as if they would prove the naysayers wrong and come away the winner.

They played better than they have most of the year. They dominated the Capitals and gave Ovechkin no room to work his magic. Avery actually played the role of hockey player instead of class clown. It was actually an excellent game.

As the Caps were booed going off the ice at the end of the second period, it must have done something to Coach Bruce Boudreau. When he returned for the third, he tweaked the line matchups just a little bit. With less than five minutes left of the third, Fedorov managed to get the puck passed Lundquist who had been standing on his head all night long. He stopped 22 of 24 shots. But it just wasn't enough.

Even more surprising was the Canes beating the Devils in basically the last 1:20 of the third with two quick goals. One to tie up the game and one to make it count. The Devils didn't even have time to react to the loss as it happened so fast.

Mrs. Staal will be very happy tonight as one of her baby boys netted the game winner for the underdog Canes.

This is hockey. It surprises you at every turn.

No bench meltdowns tonight. No game misconducts. Just edge of your seat, nail biting playoff action.

Come Friday, it starts all over again. The season is now down to Vancouver vs. Chicago, Detroit vs. Anaheim, Washington vs. Pittsburgh and Boston vs. Carolina. One of these eight teams will hoist the Stanley Cup come June.

And the rest of us will have to watch re-runs of sitcoms all freakin' summer.
*Thank you Twitter user Lori for your great shot of the board!


~me said...

I thought I had won my bet with the Rangers winning...and then right at the last minutes....
I lost.. but I think I still won...(hehehe) ;-p

Now onto the next round...of playoff Hockey!

Anonymous said...

Sounds right you lose but still think you won
ahh the mindset of so called hockey fans

do you laugh or just pity them???

~me said...

Oh no-- I KNOW I won...but then again what I bet-- I'd have won either way...it was THAT good!

and Oh WE pity them...