Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Rocked the Red, Now Let's Rock The Vote!

You saw what the additional voters did for our recent Presidential election. Maybe NOW is the time to take that power to the streets of Nassau County.

We've heard it before. We've seen it with our own eyes. Who do the politicians work for? Themselves or their constituents? Who are they supposed to work for? YOU. The Voter. But you can't VOTE unless you REGISTER to do so.

Now, can our local politicians cross party lines if they feel a project is good for the public even if it will be a red mark on their own career? They should be able to, but would they if they don't see a change in the tide?

Let's think about this. As Long Islanders we feel that certain projects such as the Lighthouse LI project will benefit the area, but our voices may not be making an impact no matter how loud we protest, or how many emails or Newspaper comments we submit. The only thing that politicians see are VOTES on their own ballots.

But before you can VOTE, you need to register. How many of us here on Long Island who are ELIGIBLE to vote on the local level are not registered? Well? How many?

If you are 18 years of age or older, a US citizen and have lived in your present Nassau County residence for at least 30 days, you are eligible. It is not only your right, but in this economic climate, I'd say it's your DUTY to register and get involved.

It's not hard to register to vote. Bring your ID and proof of residence to a local DMV or the Dept. of Labor or Worker's Comp board. Don't feel like getting up off your butt, here's the website. You can download the form and mail it in!

The Lighthouse LI project has just submitted the complete response for the DGEIS to the Town Of Hempstead. Their next step next step should be the Town of Hempstead declaring the DGEIS complete and schedule public hearings. It would be beneficial for everyone if those attending the public hearings were REGISTERED VOTERS.

The voice of VOTERS cannot be ignored. If you are NOT registered to vote then you will only be considered background noise.

How about it? Ready to Rock The Vote on Long Island? Haven't things been done the same way for far too long? It's time to make Nassau County move forward into the future. Be part of it.

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Mike Carey and Brian Carey said...

I bet when you started your blog, you never envisioned delving into political pieces. Things have evolved quite a bit, eh?