Thursday, April 30, 2009

Branching Out During the Islanders Off-Season

Before my travel softball hell starts up again and before we know who will be the name called up at the podium on June 26th, what should I do to entertain myself?

Why join yet another hockey related website looking for contributors. Why not? It's not like I have things to do or that I actually work for a living. Nah!!! I've got time.

So this morning there's an interesting little email in my personal account from with a "gift" of NHL conference call access to Bruce Boudreau to the first TWO writers that respond.

If anyone has had email exchanges with me, you know I'm the fastest e-mailer in the East. No sooner do you hit send and count to five, my response is probably staring back at you. So certainly, I was one of the two to jump on the call.

I clocked out for lunch, locked my office door, plugged that spy earpiece thingy into my Olympus recorder and off I went.

So if you would like to check out a new website devoted to hockey and read what head coach Bruce Boudreau had to say about the upcoming Round 2 series, you can read my take on the 15 minute tele-conference.

As Islanders fans you may find the Islanders dissing at one point of the teleconference amusing. Or like me, you may get pissed off.


Travelchic59 said...

Okay, I read your article at Hockeybarn. What did the Washington coach say that was bad about the Islanders? Did I miss it or did you only hear it and not print it? Clue me in.

7th Woman said...

It was his "it's not like we were playing the Islanders" remark that pissed me off.