Saturday, May 2, 2009

CON-Sult or IN-Sult?

Oh what a difference a day makes! Yesterday's Newsday article by Eden Laikin regarding F.P. Clark's statement that the Lighthouse Development Group's 6,500 page statement was "incomplete" caused quite a stir within those who back the project.

Numerous facts came out yesterday, in of all places, on message boards regarding F.P. Clark and political contributions they have made to Town Supervisor Kate Murray's campaign. Oddly, this seemed to be information that Ms. Laikin DID NOT have at the time of her first article.

(So much for investigative reporting, eh?) So it took some Internet savvy Long Islanders to dig up the dirt that a paid reporter failed to print the article in Newsday, which is owned by Cablevsion who also owns the NY Rangers. (I did that right, right? It's a local law now, isn't it?)

Also disturbing to me in this morning's article on page A6 is the statement by Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto "If you don't do it, (make contributions) you won't be competitive."

I'm sorry, does that statement imply that consultants don't get chosen for work if they don't grease the wheel? Why, yes! I think it does! The article continues to say this is a clear example for campaign contribution reform but let's not get off topic here.

F.P. Clark is paid for "by the town out of an escrow account funded by the developer." Read that. They are PAID FOR BY THE LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT. The longer this process takes, the longer they will get paid. According to the article, that bill has been $85,262 so far. Nice chunk of change for a company out of Westchester who decides to contribute $4,750 to the campaign of a Long Island Republican.

Wait, Murray said she gave back $1,000 of it in February. Hmmmm... Gave it back? Does anyone give something back for nothing? Especially in politics, do you ever get something for NOTHING?

Could she have said to them that the project was such an arduous one that she KNEW it would take SO VERY LONG to review that she didn't feel comfortable taking an additional campaign contribution when they would have SO MUCH work ahead of them? wink, wink.

Politics! Insulting to those they are supposed to represent.

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