Monday, May 11, 2009

Caps Force a Game 7!

This was a tough game! The Penguins were so close to taking the series, but one overtime goal gave the Caps another shot at life. So back to Washington boys.

Dan was playing "Count the ex-Islanders on the ice." He came up with six. Tiger Track Tom Liodice corrected us and made it eight if you add coachs.

This really is one heck of a series.

Even better than the hockey tonight was my THIRD item made with my $35 worth of Lobster. Tonight for dinner I made Lobster Club sandwiches. There is nothing more decadent than Lobster club.

Okay, here were go

Good bread of your choice. I used soft Italian bread, no seeds

3 cooked lobster tails sliced in rounds

six sliced Turkey bacon cooked flat & crisp in the microwave

Six sliced large red tomato

Iceberg lettuce

Oliveoil Mayo (or regular mayo, but the olive oil one is really really good)

Do I really need to tell you how to make a sandwhich? No. But if you toast the bread slightly and then put it together, it's amazing.

I also made pasta salad with shrimp, peas and scallions in a honey mustard sauce that seemed to work well with the sandwhich. And I STILL have enough for Lobster Quesedilla tomorrow!

Oh, Blackhawks up 2 - 1 in the second.

Kate Muray didn't show up to a Lighthouse meeting today with Tom Suozzi and the developers.

Victor Hedman should be coming to Long Island some time in the beginning of June.

And my brand new laptop battery isn't charging.




Anonymous said...

Isles fans have your say at

~me said...

Oh yah....nothing like play-off hockey!! and I am taking that as an invite to supper..your amazing girl...and making me hungry!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what world you live in but Victor Hedman is not going 1st overall. The Islanders not only need offense but someone to actually put people in seats at the Coliseum. The team cannot afford to not take Tavares!