Monday, May 11, 2009

ToH Tax Dollars at Work: Supervisor's Father makes $40/Hr as a Clerk

That was my WTF moment of this morning when I turned the paper to page 6 and read the latest article by Eden Laikin regarding Kate Murray's 83 year-old father being hired by the town one month after he retired from the town.

Hmmmmm..... That retirement came with $39,735 in severence pay from his $130,542 annual salary as a law assistant. He's REALLY taking a cut in pay now that he'll be working PART TIME and making $40 or almost $50,000.

Ms. Murray? My mother is 80 years old and about to lose her house. I'm certain she would LOVE a part time job, but she hasn't been able to find one as no one is willing to hire an octagenarian. Your Dad is making $40 an hour when the going rate for clerical aides is $17 an hour. I'm certain my mother would take $12. She'd be a bargain.

Can I call you about it?

No wonder the town and county have no money for anything if this is their hiring practice.

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Travelchic59 said...

Where have you been living all these years?? You're just finding out about all of this now?? It's been going on for years, not just on LI but all over the state and city.

Welcome to the land of nepotism. No one does it better than NY except maybe Washington, DC.