Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Toronto Sun: Do Your Homework!

So in my normal Google Searches that I have going, I came across this little gem from GARY LOEWEN of the Toronto Sun in his Offside Monday column. While his style seems to be acerbic and sarcastic, I can deal with typical Canadian shots at our team and the hockey sense of one Mike Milbury, but I took great offense to a tiny error in his reporting of something going on so very far away from him when discussing the Lighthouse project.

"Let’s get the taxpayers to bail out the myriad bonehead moves that have sunk the franchise.
Get the governments to build a new facility to attract the fans and take their attention off the team."

Uh, Gary. There is no "taxpayer" bailout here. Actually, it's more like the taxpayers will benefit as they usually do when a commercial property moves into a neighborhood to take up some of the slack in an unbalanced budget.

Now, in an effort to correct Mr. Loewen at Sun Media, I sent an email and received a response stating that he had done research and that the developers were seeking a grant.

Hmmmmmm..... I'm just wondering exactly what research "source" this news outlet in Canada chose to use. Certainly not one that gave him accurate information.

But that's right... Brian Burke also has John Tavares signed to a contract with the Leafs already too... Right?


Anonymous said...

Apparantly he got the govt. bailout idea from LI's finest, Kate Murray. He must have bought into her ridiculous Stim brainstorm.

Dominik said...

Amazing. And yet typical. It sounds like it's just his conduit for griping about the SkyDome.

I'd have more respect for his response to you if he just admitted, "Sorry, I read about the grant application and thought it was larger" rather than pretend his uh, "research," indicated something that it does not.

Heh, if he'd done more research, he'd discover that "the government" will not be building a new arena -- even though "the government" owns the land and the building!

Doug said...

As usual Princess Leia. You have struck a blow deep into the heart of the Evil Empire. LOL.

Good Stuff Dee

Anonymous said...

haha yes, very good piece.. i am from toronto and i am getting absolutely sick of the published bullshit around here.. call me an islander fan from here on out.