Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday in front of the Stove

Well, it seems that my house once again will be the center of activity for Monther's day. So I'm spending my Saturday shopping, spending and standing in front of the stove cooking.

Hockey tonight. I should be ready to crash by then.

For right now I've baked two batches of cookies, chicken and $35 worth of lobster. That took me over an hour to de-shell so that I can turn it into three different items.

Tonight, New England Lobster pie, tomorrow Seafood salad on Endive leaves and Monday, Lobster Quesidillas.

I'm also making a pizza, just 'cause I really want pizza.

And it's after 5 pm. It's cocktail time.


Matt said...

hey Have a Happy Mothers mom is doing a ton of cooking even though we tried to talk her out of it!

Oliver said...

Two things 7th Woman...
1) Have a very Happy Mothers Day
2) Are you going to be posting your recipe for the New England Lobster Pie?
Hopefully we'll be getting a chance to cheer our boys for bringing home the bronze, Go K.O., Go USA!!!