Friday, May 8, 2009

Team USA loses to Russia 3 - 2

With a slashing call on T.J. Oshie at 56:31 in the 3rd, Russia was given the opportunity to get the game winning goal on the Power Play by Konstantin GOROVIKOV at the 58:13 mark. At 58:41, Esche was pulled from the net but it was of use.

The last power play did them in. Credit Islander Kyle Okposo with a goal, but smack him upside the head for two trips to the box.

I'm very disappointed. It really looked as if Team USA could have pulled this one off. It would have been very, very sweet.

But it didn't happen.

PS: Um, Jason. I'd like to have a word with you.... were you even PLAYING this game? Three shots on goal? TOI of 13:23? What did you do to piss off Ron Wilson NOW?

Sigh... Off to spend money I don't have on Mother's Day stuff.

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