Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Suburban Life No More

Twitter is an amazing thing. There are more fascinating article links on there than I could ever find by myself. But I'd like Town Of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray to see this one from MSNBC.

"Demographic Trends favor Downtowns" Yep, suburbia is not what it used to be. People are looking for more convenient live, work, play solutions to our economic setbacks.

This is what the Lighthouse project would provide to the area. It could be almost a self contained Mecca of everything you could desire without having to get in your car.

I still can't understand the objections. This is not a developer that wants to tear down five blocks of Garden City brick colonials and build a mini Lefrak City.

This is a project that would transform 150 acres of barren grey landscape surrounded by a highway, a college and a recycling plant into something that is vibrant and stunning.

Nassau Coliseum does NOT sit in the middle of "Suburbia." It sits in the middle of NOTHING but COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. (Real estate the County is trying to sell to make up for the totally non-profitable leases that would outlive most of us.)

So tell me, exactly WHAT about the Lighthouse Project is objectionable?

1) The Convention Center that Long Island so desperately needs? Please check with the tourism board. They are desperate for one.

2) The proposed high end hotel? Yeah, because having only TWO high caliber hotels in our area is enough. Yeah, that does a lot for the tourism industry. When I know people are visiting from out of state for an Islander game, they can't afford the Garden City hotel and sometimes the Marriott is booked solid. After that, their choices for lodging in that area are hotels that actually have DAY rates. Yeah.

3) The Sports Complex? Sure, why would we EVER want to be able to have National sporting events on Long Island? No, let other cities get the attention and income. That would just be HORRIBLE for the local economy, right?

4) Celebration Plaza? A Disney style outdoor plaza would be just a waste, right? Because everyone knows Disney style entertainment venues are pointless? Does Nassau County have ANYTHING that even remotely looks like what is proposed?

5) The Sports Technology Center? Why should Nassau County have state-of-the-art facilities for the fastest growing medical industry in the country? No, let athletes from all over the country go to Minnesota for their treatments.

6) Next Generation Housing? Okay, so THIS has to be the sticky point. It really can't be anything else. Look, affordable housing is a problem on Long Island. Those just starting out and those empty-nesters don't NEED that suburban lifestyle you are looking to protect. They don't want to and sometimes CAN'T maintain their own homes, lawns and vinyl siding. They WANT low maintenance homes or rentals in Town House communties.

7) A Renovated Nassau Coliseum. It seems everyone on all sides wants this. So this isn't the concern.

So what is? Traffic is a way of life on Long Island, it will always be there. Garbage, water and energy concerns are facts of our Long Island lifestyle. But you cannot tell me that we do not have the means and abilities to make it work. There are technologies, ones which the ToH says they, themselves, have instituted.

SO TALK! Because this standing at opposite ends of a room glaring at each other is just foolish! This is too important. Enough is enough.

Kate Murray will be in Garden City on June 1st at 7:30 pm at the Eastern Property Owners Association Annual Meeting at the Garden City Library at 60 7th Street in Garden City. Will she actually TALK about the project there? Do YOU want to talk about the project there? I think SOMEONE should!

Okay, I wrote this because I was actually getting bored with the Pittsburgh game. Someone has replaced Cam Ward with an imposter. Pens up. Will probably end the series right here. Oh well. You did a great job Paul Maurice. You should be proud.

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