Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tom Suozzi LandShark? Don't Bite!

Newsday's story today by Celeste Hadrick regarding Tom Suozzi's quiet sale of two parcels of County owned land is causing the Democrat a little Republican grief. But then again, the Republican party would find a problem if Suozzi helped a little old lady cross Hempstead Turnpike.

"The Woman was accosted by Suozzi as she didn't WANT to cross the dangerous roadway."

Yes, there is a political spin to everything.

Here's my take on the half page article:

Tom Suozzi is trying to sell 13 acres of County owned land that is doing the county no good in revenue generation. These 24 leases were given 20 years ago by Republican Francis Purcell to Republican party associates. They are 99 year leases and many have no rent increase provisions for the next 75 years.

BWWAAAHHHAAA!!! And we wonder why the County is BROKE?

So Suozzi went to the tenants on the land and asked if they want to purchase the property. This is a problem? You're kidding. Where else would you go?

Under market value? Have the Republicans SEEN the market lately?

This is the quote that caught my eye:

"But Republican critic Peter Schmitt, minority leader of the county legislature, complained that Suozzi should have publicly announced his plans before selling at the bottom of the market. He predicted Mitchel Field land values will soar if the proposed Lighthouse complex is built."

This is the same Republican rep that went to Washington to talk about infrastructure money for the next five years WITHOUT any thought of the Lighthouse Project. A few weeks ago he called it premature. Now he's saying the "land value will soar if the proposed Lighthouse complex is built."? So does that mean he realizes that it is a beneficial project for the area????

Okay, so the really curious part of the article comes at the end of the second paragraph saying he has accepted bids from two leaseholders for 13 acres of the public land "...that includes the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum."

I'm guessing this is to lead readers to wonder or believe (as my husband is doing right now) if that means the County Legislature is offering up the Coliseum LAND for PURCHASE. I guess that would require researching the other 22 leases and what property they cover.

I wish I had more time, but I'm already running late this Tuesday morning. Maybe we can get Nick on this.

Uggghh!!! It's always something.

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