Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tom Suozzi: Rolling Up His Sleeves & Dropping the Gloves

"I am ready for a fight! Are you ready for a fight?" he addressed a crowd on Tuesday at the RXR Plaza. The battle cry was met with cheers by the Democrats in attendance as he announced his intent to seek a third term.

So, while the Islanders brass may have been entertaining draft prospects across the street, Tom Suozzi was leading the battle cry to make sure that prospect has some place to play hockey in Uniondale.

"We NEED to build the Lighthouse across the street at the Coliseum." Mr. Suozzi is, in deed, the Lighthouse's most vocal political proponent. He 'gets it'.

While he cited the high tax burden on Long Island and the tax relief the area would get from the completion of the visionary project, there are those other towns that scoff they would see no benefit from the project.

They are wrong. One visionary project such as the Lighthouse will be a catalyst to bring additional business into the area. Our area, as beautiful as it may be, has NO benefits to entice or maintain big business. Point and case: the company I have worked for these last 29 years looked South when they expanded and built their own printing facilities. The art and sales facilities are always in danger of moving with them. The only reason we are still on Long Island is that key ownership's own family didn't want to move. THAT'S IT!

There are no tax benefits, there are no work force benefits, there are no government incentives to keep large business on Long Island. What the project should bring to the Island is not only jobs to the area, but the ability to entice other companies to jump on the bandwagon and bring Long Island back to positive growth.

"We've got to stop the GOP. We've got to stop the Town Of Hempstead. We have to stop Kate Murray."

That "WE" is a collective term. That means all of us, Democrats and Republicans. Can they every join forces? Probably not. Yesterday on Twitter, Tom Suozzi posted this link to a Newsday Video about a Republican who left her party to join the Democrats. After watching it, I don't know why anyone would want to be in politics.

The truth is, we now have a Democratic President and a largely Democratic Senate. They were VOTED in by the American people. It's time for us to try things their way. If it doesn't work, we have a chance to change it in the next round of elections. For now, let's follow President Obama's suggestions of cutting through the petty politics and working towards a new era for the US and our little piece of it.

It's not about hockey. It's about the future. There are those who see it, there are those who want to live in the past.

Speaking of Hockey... we have hockey tonight.... Thank God.

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NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...


Until Suozzi drops the token verbal support and agrees to suspend Wang's Coliseum rent, taxes and condemns Smg's lease now which is part of the EIS he's done nothing for Charles Wang to keep this franchise here and give him a chance to lose less money.

It's easy to blame Murray for everything short of global warming and she deserves everything written about her for not working to pass or reject this project but she did not give the Isles that lease and Nassau took years to decide on a developer, Wang should consider that when blames only one party for the process going slowly.

TOH got the proposal in November 2007. Suozzi since he came into office had years to condemn that lease and give back Wang some revenue to help this ownership out.

But no one talks about that or writes about it. All we hear from Suozzi is no LH, no New York Islanders which is his way of not paying anything and assigning blame.