Friday, June 26, 2009

BIg Hard Sun

Beating on the Big People in a Big Hard World. - Eddie Vedder

Isn't that the most appropriate lyric for today in the NHL? Especially for our GM, Garth Snow. It's Showtime Mr. Snow. The hockey world awaits your decision.

Personally, I'm going to hide.

I've come to a few conclusions this morning as the alarm clock went off at the ungodly hour of 5 am. No one in this business actually really sleeps. They are all nocturnal animals who write all night long. Compared to them, I am a slacker.

Hockey fans are not only the most passionate in all of sports, they are also the most well read. When they chose to comment, there are almost as many that can write small versions of War & Peace as those who are satisfied with simply telling a writer "You Suck!"

I know that there will probably more media people in the Bell Centre today than actually are employed by the NHL. Because of this fact, I know that Gary Bettman will not receive the warmest of welcomes when he ascends to the stage.

I hope Garth Snow receives not only a warm welcome, but a rousing round of applause when he announces the first overall draft pick. Wait, let me rephrase that. I hope Garth Snow actually ANNOUNCES the first overall draft pick. We know anything can happen before they actually start the draft. Those sneaky GMs have those phones at each table and they all like to make last minute deals to shock the crap out of the fans. Those deals are also made to throw the other GMs off their game plans for the balance of the draft. Again, sneaky!

I'd like to thank David Cossilo from Newsday for his article today about fan fears. My mother has always wanted to see my name in Newsday. I told her it would probably be attached to an arrest, so this is good. You made her happy.

To those going to the Coliseum tonight I'd like to point out if you watch David's video, there's a Carnival behind Chris Botta in the Coliseum parking lot. That wasn't a subliminal message about the Islanders. (No, no. The Big Top Circus is now in Tampa, thank you hockey gods.) That's actually a Carnival meaning you may have to walk a little when you park. Just be prepared.

Once inside the Coliseum, there will be a jersey customization station. I think you should all wait to hear the name called before ordering your brand new Tavares jersey. Just a hunch.

Have a great day of hockey people. It's going to be an amazing one.


Mike Carey and Brian Carey said...

I know Hedman's your man, but I'll have to respectfully disagree. JT all the way! And not to be nitpicky, but Eddie Vedder didn't write "Hard Sun". It's actually a cover from a Canadian band (how appropriate) called Indio. Change Eddie Vedder to Gordon Peterson and you're good to go.

Meg said...

Nice to see Mike and Brian have validated your opinion about the well-read nature of hockey fans. Great post!