Friday, June 26, 2009

Everybody Wins

Are you happy now fans? John Tavares, the young man figured to be the first overall draft pick of the 2009 Entry Draft actually DID go first to the NY Islanders.
Even when I don't think Garth Snow can surprise me, he does. I never thought he'd go for the easy choice. Good for him. Good for the fans.
I have info on this at, but I can't say certain things over there.
Everyone notice how calm Garth Snow looks when he doesn't think the cameras are rolling? Wasn't it interesting that Bruno Gervais was at the draft table? Was he the only one they could bring that speaks French?
ITV did a fabulous job airing live from the draft party. It was a fabulous turn out. I'm so glad that the TSN cameras could also see that yes, hockey is alive and well on Long Island.
They still have a lot of work to do, but for once the fans can feel as if they have something to cheer about. This is what Garth had warned us about during those town hall meetings. You build a winning team by drafting well.
As I said in that Newsday video, Garth will forever be judged by this choice his entire NHL career. Garth did his part, now it is up to Mr. Tavares to live up to his side of the hype, I mean bargain.
They expected him to be NHL ready. Let's hope he is.
Welcome to Long Island John.


Meg said...

Garth did a great job for you guys yesterday. The lowly Kings share the theory that you build a great team by drafting well. Here's hoping both our teams are on the road to the playoffs in the near future :)

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this right. Snow moves from 26 to 16 for a cost of 2 draft picks. Then he moves from 16 to 12 for a cost of 3 draft picks. 5 total... to draft
Are you telling me Tampa wouldn't have considered 5 draft picks ( and, say a d-man to sweeten it. )for the # 2 pick overall ??