Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Call to Arms for all Islanders Fans

A call to arms for all Islanders fans: It's your time to shine.

I'd like to say something to all the fans in this video that my friend Johnny Z from YES!Islanders shot at last night's draft party.

Okay all you long suffering dynasty-era die-hards, you got what you wanted. Garth Snow went up to the podium and made the obvious choice. Now is the time for you to show the Canadian and North American media that you exist.

We have spent years living in the shadow of the Broadway Blueshirts. The Canadians told John Tavares Isles fans were as rare as a Sasquatch sighting and that he would languish in obscurity if he was chosen to join us. It is our turn to prove them wrong.

How many times have you read that we don't even DESERVE a new arena or a hockey team at all? How often did you almost spit out your morning coffee reading non-hockey analysts making fun of not only the team on the ice but the plain folk wearing their jerseys?

Personally, I'm sick of it. Yes, we had a horrible season. But we endured it and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But the only way to get that light to turn into a beacon is to not become complacent.

Continue to make your voices heard when it comes to the Lighthouse project. Show up to the summer player signings and community events. Contribute to the Islanders charities and if you can, once the season starts, attend the games.

You would not only be doing it just to see John Tavares, you would be doing it to show the rest of the hockey world you exist and you have a voice. And you know us New Yawkers; we can be loud as hell when we want to be.

The draft hoopla is done, and now there is real work ahead. Don't let the good time feeling we had from last night fade into the summer sun. We have a beautiful island, with all of it's faults. We have a great fan base. One day, we will have a winning team. Every journey starts with a single step. The first step was last night, the next will be free-agency. Put on your walking shoes, unpack that jersey and join the parade.

There is no off-season in Islanders Country. We are NYI-365!


TheMetalChick said...

Yeah! Preach it, girl! :D

~me said...

they still wont get it...but you tell them girl~

I'm happy for the Isles...its just what pittsburgh did few years lets home the 18 yrs is the hero- fans think he is...

(laughing) I guess if he can get everyone back on the bandwagon and they can quit crying and bitching- mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

It seems like all u isles fans r complaining that no one goes to the games... if half of the fans that said this on these blogs went to the games the isles would sell out every game but like always with the isles and their fans its a whole lotta talk and no walk