Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Human side of the NHL Entry Draft

So much has been made of the top three candidates in this year's NHL Entry Draft. So much has been written about them, so much discussion, so much TENSION.

But seriously, how many young men are in this draft of 2009? Hundreds? Thousands? How many young hopefuls are spending sleepless nights wondering who they will be drafted by or if they'll be drafted at all. Do we forget about them?

The NHL is an elite group of men who get paid to play a game at an exceptionally high level. There are few job openings and a short career life. To be standing at the doorway of this group must be a fascinating yet stressful experience. I can't even imagine.

Years ago the NHL Draft wasn't carried out in the same spotlight as it is today. So many young men had to be called from the fields where they toiled at their summer jobs just to get the phone call that they had been drafted. Some may not have known for a day or so.

There was no huge convention, no minute-by-minute press coverage and no televised suspense. It was more a low key, but we've gone Vegas Baby. Now the fate of so many young men will be on national television covered by countless media outlets. Of course, it will also be Twittered in real-time. You can't get better coverage than we will get this year.

To all of the candidates this year, I wish you luck. It doesn't matter where in the rounds you are drafted. To even be eligible is an accomplishment of great proportions. Thank your parents, your coaches and your teammates for all they have done to get you to this point. And know that from Friday night on, the rest is up to YOU.

I'm certain there will be plenty of human interests stories to come out of this year's events. I look forward to them as we wait for the future stars of the NHL to step up to the podium. Just remember that not all of them will make it. But at least, this is their start.

For one NHL hopeful, his start will come on Long Island. I'm just hoping he gets a warmer welcome than Josh Bailey did.


Netminder 39 said...

Hey Dee:

I've read all your recent postings, and yet, (correct me if I'm wrong) you yourself have not mentioned whom you would like to see Snow pick with the first overall selection. Do you have a preference, or are you going to make us wait also lol? Love your work, keep it up.

7th Woman said...

Netminder, if you want to see who I want, just check out Tom Liodice's Tiger Track! Tom is going to be covering the draft right from the floor and has given all of us "Boxers" an opportunity to voice our choice before the big night!