Friday, June 19, 2009

Newsday's Greg Logan says "Door No. 3!"

Greg Logan called in from a tent at the US Open where phones are allowed. Greg, who is normally incredibly soft spoken, was almost yelling into the phone to be heard. They must have been have a great time in that tent at 12:45 pm today at Bethpage Black.

“I’m going to chose door #3 and take Duchene.” He professed on air to Islanders ex-GM (for a nanosecond) Neil Smith and NY Rangers announcer Sam Rosen. I almost lost my lunch. “Even though Tavares could put more butts in seats, I just have a feeling they don’t believe that Tavares is the best guy for the team.” This will be his article for Sunday’s Newsday. He did go on to qualify his astounding prediction by mentioning that last year at the pre-draft interviews, he crossed Josh Bailey off his list as he felt they’d never take him.

Greg has spoke with Garth recently, but he continues to stay very elusive. Everyone would love to know what name he will say when he walks up to that podium, but we will all just have to wait until next Friday. The beat writer in Logan senses that the Islanders have potential misgivings about John Tavares will pan out. That is why they have encouraged the writers to keep Matt Duchene in the mix.

“It would seem that Hedman would have the greatest upside. Size, reach, and he’s already been rookie of the year in the Swedish Elite league. If Hedman has that recovery speed, that could be your corner stone guy for a long time.” But according to Logan, he’s just playing a hunch.

Garth and Company certainly expect this year’s #1 Draft pick to play next season in the NHL. They have already done that with Josh Bailey, even though he wasn’t exactly ready. But this year’s #1 choice will enjoy the benefits of starting his career in the NHL and of going down in Hockey history as going First overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.


Alex said...

I have misgivings about this! I still think that they will take Tavares. When Garth spoke to TSN earlier, he said that they guy he felt he was going to take when they won the lottery is still their guy! No way that guy was Mattt Duchene! This is still a 2 man race!

TheMetalChick said...

I dont know, I just dont see it.

Travelchic59 said...

After what happened at last year's draft nothing that these guys do would surprise me. And being the sucker that I am, I will support whomever they choose.

Of course, the Zach Parise draft is always in the back of my mind come draft day, but I am a fan and not a scout and I have to have faith they know what they are doing.

jocko said...

garth dont be a cock. draft JT

Anonymous said...

I was at the draft party yesterday,it was sick, that is all I can say. I was nasceaus(sp) after because I was so worked up for the past weeks waiting for that moment.

Thanks God.....Thank GOD!

My question is a little in another direction and I can't get a straight answer it seems from anyone. It has to do with our uniforms. Tavares was given what is our third jersey yesterday, I assume that that blue jersey will be our permanant home jersey and that they will make the away version of it? That said the currect home and away jersey design and color scheme are therefore gone as of next season.

Can someone confirm this? Because if so.....IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! I hated those colors and always thought 1) our old uniforms were hot, everyone loved them and 2) we WON 4 CUPS IN THEM!!! DON'T CHANGE IT!

Anyway, any and all help is appreciated....and thank you.


7th Woman said...

Dear Annon:

I think botta has the scoop on the jerseys.

They didn't ask in time to make it officially their alt jersey for this year.

Double check his blog. I know he covered it.