Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Can't talk much, but I will say that the meeting today was indeed a positive step forward in this process of getting the LighthouseLI project before the public.

Newsday's Jim Baumbach sat behind me and went crazy on his laptop running a live blog of the proceedings, so check out his Newsday for the run down. Point Blank's Chris Botta actually did have a pad and pen this time and ran out of recording time on his Blackberry, as I think everyone did.

I was introduced to Newsday's reporter who has been following Ms. Murray. She was not happy to see me.

There is hope people I wouldn't start dancing in the streets, but we have "lift off" at least. More to come from all media that was there. Nick Giglia, Doug Davison and News 12 were all in attendance. You will be inundated with coverage information in a matter of hours.

Congrats to Katrina and the Lighthouse team for doing such an excellent job putting this all together for the panel today. You really turned some heads!

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